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Winscombe Archaeology

Yarberry Standing stone (ST 3903 5783)
[Scheduled Ancient Monument NMR 22810/ North Somerset SMR 110]

A resistivity geophysical survey was undertaken in 2009 by Nick Corcas and Bob Smisson (2009) (see bibliography below). The location of a second stone at ST 3943 5790 was also examined. Both stones appear to be associated with mounds. ALERT has been working in the area for much of 2009 and has examined Lidar images of the area. This suggests that a straight track or ditch led from the centre of the easternmost mound at about 280 degrees from grid north.

It is apparent that this feature pre-dates the present field boundaries. A fragment of Romano British greyware was found on 27 October 2009 10m north east of the stone at ST 3870 5763 close to the field boundary. This was part of a side and base and showed little sign of abrasion. A sparse scatter of RB pot has also been found in a field NE of Yarberry Farmhouse, Dewland on the tithe map. See also Wicks (1950) below.
Yarberry standing stone from the southwest
The arrows indicate a track (or ditch) leading northwest from the location of the second stone at Yarberry