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Winscombe Archaeology

Flint scraper/blade from Winscombe rugby ground (from a molehill).

(ST 4224 5728). Possibly Mesolithic (c. 8500 – 4000 BC)


This scraper was found embedded in the surface of a footpath in Kingswood at (GR 418597) where rainwash following heavy rain had scoured the surface of leaf litter. The find may possibly denote the presence of an occupation site in the vicinity.


The area is on a sheltered south-facing slope close to the ridgeway that passes along the crest of Wavering Down and a crossing point of the trackway across the Vale of Winscombe from Shute Shelve to Sandford Hilll.

This scraper, with other flint fragments, was retrieved from the area of a probable ploughed-out round barrow (N.Somerset SMR 47332). [see geophysics survey above].


Flint side scraper, from 8 Acres, Broadleaze Farm.

A Mesolithic (?) tranchet adze was dug up in a garden in Hillyfields, the property of Mr Bridges. Found in 2008. GR 42775777. A number of Mesolithic finds were also made during excavations near the Star Roman Villa by Glyn Williams in 2005 at GR 43475873. Photograph and drawing not yet available