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Winscombe Archaeology

Bull Baiting Yard

The Bull Baiting Yard can be identified from White’s map of 1792. The circular depression about 15m in diameter is almost certainly the bull pit.

Looking east across the Bull Baiting Yard. The bull pit is visible in the centre below the hawthorn bush growing on its north bank


The pre-1836 road south of the Bull Baiting Yard looking east. The ranging pole is on the edge of its south bank. The parish and county boundary is on the left of the photograph, along the stone wall of the field.


Cock fighting ground


At ST 41645729 on the north side of The Lynch on the line of the footpath from the Triangle. On White’s map of 1792 called a ‘cock skayling plot’. Skayling is a mediaeval word for gambling. The area is now occupied by a dwelling, the footpath having been moved to accommodate it.