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Winscombe Archaeology

Great Wortice - Inspection of a ditch on the Winscombe/Banwell parish boundary, and later re-cutting of the ditch revealed a series of postholes which upon excavation appeared to be cut into pits associated with a curved ditch of possible prehistoric origin. The parish boundary has later utilised part of this ditch


Cemetery Field - The survey shows a number of circular enclosures, with indications of round houses within them. Several overlapping circular features are also evident. The existence of a number of banks and ditches, some clearly connected, indicate ancient field or other boundaries


Finds - Pottery from the late Iron Age to the 4th Century. Quern stones. Bone and antler. Three coins. Flint and stone tools. Lead pot mends.


Another Roman Villa at Star  Article previously Article published in Camertonia  44, 2006 p.36
Thornbridge  n enclosure in Thornbridge, Barton, North Somerset (ST 3900 5788): a survey by the ALERT geophysics team
Field Names  Field names in Winscombe and Sandford and other local places