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Winscombe Archaeology

Enclosures in Great Wortice, Broadleaze Farm


A resistivity survey has identified several enclosures at GR ST 4054 5858. Fieldwalking has not revealed any dating evidence, but Iron Age pottery and enclosures have been recorded in the field to the south, and a round barrow in the field to the east. A Roman road passes just to the south of the feature.


The survey shows a circular enclosure within a larger one and indications of banks that may or may not be contemporary. The broad bank in the northwest corner seems to be part of a 200m long geological feature.

Great Wortice

Round barrows




Barrow (north and east of centre) at ST 4176 5855 north of Ilex Lane.  The feature is a circular area of high resistance about 16m in diameter surrounded by a ditch 2m wide and a 4m wide bank. It is not visible on the ground. (N.Somerset SMR 47332). The line AB indicates the line of the restisivity ‘section’ (Right).



Resistivity ‘section’ AB from the centre of the barrow above cutting the line of the ditch to the west of the feature, looking south. The ditch can be clearly determined, but the features of the barrow above ground, the central mound and the surrounding bank, show only as areas of disturbed ground although higher resistance here indicates their position.


Five round barrows have been identified and with one exception all have been completely destroyed. Four of them lie in fields to the east and north of the features above and are positioned on the most elevated area. The fifth barrow lies alongside the ancient road approaching the settlement from the south. It is just visible on aerial photographs and as a very faint earthwork.