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Winscombe Archaeology

Roman road between Banwell Road and Shipham Lane


Fig 1

Map showing the location of a 900m length of the road between Banwell Road and Shipham Lane. The red numbers refer to locations where fieldwork has taken place. (see right)

This appears to be part of the route between Charterhouse and Yarborough. It runs from east to west along the valley below Sandford Hill and Banwell Wood. The line of the road passes just north of Ilex Lane and continues west, north of the field boundary that runs alongside the present footpath.



The rubble foundation along the course of the Roman road looking east. There is little obvious differentiation between the natural deposits and the agger below this foundation. A resitivity survey shows the agger as an area of much higher resistance with sharply defined edges. Excavation has identified a ditch to the north of the agger, the location of the south ditch was not determined. The photograph is used with the kind permission of Jack Foord


Location 1

Excavations along the line of a new water main revealed the foundations of an agger at ST 4085 5860. (Fig.2)


Location 2

The road continues east into a field known as Tinings. Here a suggestion of the road can be seen in a ground resistance survey. The new water main cuts across the line of the road just east of this point.



Ground resistance survey in Tinings. The ditch south of the road is visible running across the centre of the image. In the north east corner above the line of the road is a modern water pipeline.  It is possible that the survey shows the foundations of a building south of the road.